Print Making 5 Week Course (Ages 13+)

Each Tuesday from 2nd to 30th November from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Tickets - £100 for the 5 week course

An introduction to Printmaking


Bill  Chambers is an experienced printmaker. For many years he taught printmaking on the Cardiff Art and Design Foundation Course and is a key member of Cardiff Print Workshop where he teaches a range of courses and workshops in printmaking.


This 5 week course is intended as an introduction to the world of Print. Designed for beginners or those already experienced in printmaking, the course will explore key aspects of the craft including working with the press, rollers, inks and tools. This is an opportunity to try processes and techniques that have a rich history and unique potential for creative exploration.

Week 1

Mono-type This is the most direct form of printmaking, using the inks to produce one off prints that incorporate leaves and feathers.

Week 2        

Dry-point etching - Dry point is a simple etching process and has been used by many renowned artists down the ages from Rembrandt to Picasso.

Week 3        

Chine colle - Chine colle is the art of collaging delicate papers to add colour and pattern to a print.

Week 4        

Collograph – This simple form of printmaking uses a combination of card and other materials to produce prints suffused with texture

Week 5        

Lino-cut-One of the simplest forms of printmaking this age old technique can be one of the hardest to master. This class will explore ways to print without the use of a press.


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When & Where

Riverfront Workshops
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Tuesday, 2 November