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Bait (15)
Bait (15)

Tuesday 22 October at 7.45pm
Wednesday 23 October at 1.30pm

Running time: 89 minutes

Director – Mark Jenkin

Starring – Edward Rowe, Mary Woodvine, Giles King

This remarkable British film is a clash of the old worlds and the new. Cornish fisherman Martin Ward (Edward Rowe) must deal with his brother Steven (Giles King), who uses their boat for tourist cruises, and the well-off Londoners who have bought his childhood home. The cultural clash is represented in the look of the film, shot with an old Bolex camera in black-and-white 16mm and hand-processed by Jenkin, which produces a realistic tone and a real sense of depth and history. Beautifully shot, Bait balances modern concerns with nostalgia.

Riverfront Studio
22/10/2019 19:45
Riverfront Studio
23/10/2019 13:30
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